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BEFORE SQUABBLE: The small-claims process is stressful, confusing, and time-consuming. AFTER SQUABBLE: Everything is taken care of, from start-to-finish. You feel a sense of empowerment.

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Every court requires Service of Process. We take care of that too!

What our customers have to say:

"Before I found [Squabble], I downloaded some forms from the court. There were a bunch of them and very confusing. I was worried I was going to make a mistake. A friend told me about Squabble and it was like an open book test! So easy and worth the super low fee!"

-- Chloe M., Sacramento, CA

"Prior to Squabble, I felt the system worked against me and I didn't know if I could confidently file on my own. Squabble is empowering. I started and finished this process by myself and Squabble made sure I didn't mess anything up. It was flawless."

-- Kevin R., Chicago, IL

"I thought filing a case in small claims court would be a lot of work and I didn't think it would be worth my time. Squabble made it ridiculously easy. It literally took under 10 minutes to file my case and they updated me all the way through my court date."

-- Elizabeth M. Providence, RI

100% correct filing guarantee! We triple check your claim before we send it in!

Squabble makes small claims filing easy

Squabble makes small claims filing easy

Designed & run by lawyers, 95% of parties who file through Squabble win their case in court.

  • 100% correct filing guarantee
  • Triple-check process
  • File in 15 minutes or less

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Jurisdiction optimization. We tell you where to file, free.

How Squabble Works

You answer
simple questions

We do all the legal translating for you. Click on an icon that describes the issue. Tell us the address of the person or business that owes you money. Describe what happened like you were telling a friend. We'll guide you through every step.

File with

We 100% guarantee that your filing will be done right or we'll file it free. The right jurisdiction, the right case type, the right boxes checked. We'll triple check your work. Any issues and we'll contact you.

Get Ready
to Collect

We'll keep you informed of everything you need to know from the moment you file until you step in front of a judge. Get notifications of behind the scenes case progress, and prepare for court in minutes with our simple guides.

Easy, No Hassle, & Ongoing Support for just $95

Whether you file a case yourself, through Squabble or through a lawyer, you'll pay court and service of process ("SOP") fees.

File Yourself
Court and SOP Fees
Court and SOP Fees
Court and SOP Fees
Many Hours 15 Minutes 1 Hour+
Stressful EASY Depends on
the lawyer
No Support Support
is Extra
Did you know courts reject 36% of self-filed claims?

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Built by Lawyers,
Full Legal Compliance

Squabble CEO Michael Egenthal, a law professor at San Diego University, along with a team of lawyers, built Squabble to accurately follow the legal system.

Every Detail

Every filing is Triple-Checked before being submitted. You can be confident that you did it right.

Service of Process

All courts require that the defendant be physically notified by a third party that they've been sued. Doing this incorrectly can cause the case to be dismissed. We make sure this is done correctly for you.


Squabble costs a flat $95 in addition to the same local filing fees you’d pay if you did it yourself. Absolutely no hidden costs!

File in

Your time is valuable and the less time you spend filing your case, the better. Squabble is both fast and accurate.

Tips & Guidance
After Filing

Squabble will be there every step of the way in your pursuit of getting the money you’re owed, offering easy to understand tips on court preparation, collection and more.